I’m Back From Bordeaux and Provence … And Writing About My Adventures

Every great bike trip must come to an end.

Otherwise, you can’t start planning the next one. Or the one after that. Shhhh … don’t tell Susan. She’s still a little jet lagged.

I’m home, in Columbus, Ohio USA … and have started writing my next eBook: Biking Bordeaux: The Villages, Vineyards and Atlantic Coast. It’s kind of fun to relive the 20 days and 1,050 miles I spent in their beautiful region. I do miss the riding … and the wine. Hey, wait, maybe if I get a nice bottle of Bordeaux, it will make the writing that much easier. It worked for Hemingway, right?

I’m also gonna update my previous eBook, the Biking Provence one. This last trip gave me a few ideas about how you – and I mean you! – can optimize your Provence cycling trip.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my two other Biking France eBooks.

There’s Biking the Loire – an edge-of-the-seat thriller featuring brilliant castles, breathtaking gardens, endless fields of sunflowers, apple orchards, a visit with Leonardo da Vinci and lots and lots of wine. There’s always lots of wine on a French bike trip. At least on mine there is.












And then there’s Biking Normandy: The Invasion Beaches, in which I cycle the most famous World War II invasion sights, and reflect back on my 1999 trip there with the U.S. Army Rangers, the men who actually landed on these beaches on D-Day.


Sorry for all the self promoting. But go ahead … check them out and stay tuned for the new one on Bordeaux and the updated Provence eBook. Only five or six to go to complete my series. Shhhh, don’t tell Susan, she thinks there’s only one more (the Dordogne).






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