About the Biker

mural_2My name is Steve Wartenberg.

I was a newspaper reporter for about 30 years. For the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bucks County (PA) Intelligencer RecordAllentown Morning Call and Columbus Dispatch.

I covered a little bit of everything and had the opportunity to meet and interview thousands of people, many of whom were quite interesting. I’ve also written for several magazines, have even published a couple of books and taught journalism at a couple of colleges. I quit the newspaper business in 2015 and am now a freelance content provider, which really is a real thing.

france4.pngI got into biking in 1985. I was covering the Paris Air Show, had a few vacation days on my hands and decided to do a little biking in the Loire. Here the blog post about it.

In 1990, I rode from Paris to Nice and that was it: I was hooked on biking, and especially biking in France. I’ve ridden in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, but for me, France is it. It’s as if the entire country was designed with bike touring in mind. Thank you France.

This blog is my way of sharing the joys, adventure, challenge and amazingness of biking in France. As well as other bike-related stuff on my mind, plus maybe even some non-bike-related stuff. Why not? Plus, I’ve recently become a bit obsessed with the history of cycling and have doing posts about the early days of the bike. Plus, truth be told, this is also a way to sell some of my Biking France Books. Hey, it’s not like these trips are free.

Come on along for the ride. And feel free to share your biking France stories.

You can email me at: steve.wartenberg@gmail.com