Biking France Books

I’ve written five eBooks about biking in France: Provence, the Loire, Normandy, Bordeaux and the Dordogne. With more to come – hopefully in 2021. Writing them combines two (three?) of my passions: writing and riding, and writing about riding. 

Here is the Etsy link to purchase each of the five in pdf format, as well as a way to buy the paperback book (yes, a real book!) version of Numbskull. I used to sell them through Amazon and iBooks, Kobo and so on, but … they took about 60 percent of what people paid, leaving me with an average of about $2.25. So, I cut the price and made them available directly. 

New! Numbskull is my novel, an epic adventure of love, loss, lying (yes, lying!) and an epic cycling trip through France. Here is the link to the first 14 (of 43 chapters) chapters. Here’s the link again to acquire the entire book in either paperback or pdf form.

Here are the cycling eBooks…