The Post French-Bike Trip Depression

It’s been a couple of weeks since we got back from France, from biking in Bordeaux (just me) and then Provence (Susan and me).

And I’m a little lethargic.

And sad.

And have only been on two rides since we returned. What’s up with that? Hey, it’s been really cold the last few weeks. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

I miss Bordeaux and Provence. And my bikes. And the rides.

I’m also in the midst of writing my all-new Biking Bordeaux eBook, and updating my bestselling Biking Provence book. And, when I say bestselling, I mean it’s my bestselling eBook. And, working on them only seems to add to my post-trip lethargy.

Here are a few things I miss…


Damn, but the pizza was really good over there.

And so was the…


… wine.

The wine was very nice in Bordeaux, but I liked the Cotes du Rhones a little better. And I think I know why. So, the Bordeaux wine is a little more sophisticated and complicated, and the more you know about wine and the better your taste buds are trained to understand all the subtleties … the better it tastes.

I’m not a very sophisticated wine drinker. Yet. I could sense and taste that the Bordeaux wine was complex, but couldn’t really identify the complexities and different scents and tastes. No matter how much I tried. And I tried pretty much every night.

The Rhones aren’t as complicated. We especially liked the wines from the villages around  Seguret, where we stayed for a few nights: Sablet, Roaix, Cairanne and Rasteau. And I can’t find them over here.

I also miss the long and beautiful bike paths along the ocean in Bordeaux.


Pedaling for mile after mile through the pine forests, and then taking a detour down a path to see…


Yep, the ocean.

Susan always says she wants to live near the water. So, maybe I can talk her into moving over here one day. I’ll probably have to promise to get her an electronic bike, but that’s OK.

Here’s something else I miss..


All the little stone villages, usually located on top of or built into the sides of hills. This one is Crestet, in Provence.

Ah, Provence. Bordeaux was great, better than I expected. But for sheer riding amazingness, nothing tops Provence. Especially if you enjoy climbing, which, fortunately, I do.


Don’t tell Susan, but I’m already starting to plan my 2019 trip, and eBook(s). Maybe the Dordogne, or the wine country of Alsace near the German birder, or Brittany and St Malo. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, our bank account is limited … and also a bit lethargic.

Oh well, it was worth it.


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