This Day in Cycling History: Trois Weddings and A Funeral (1876, 1892)

Newspaper cycling stories from around the world (France and England) …

Paris …

The last Paris sensation is a velocipede wedding, twenty couples going to one on double velocipedes. They went to the Bois de Boulogne, headed by a mounted fiddler, and, after enjoying themselves, filed away to a restaurant, and wheeled home at night, the leader replacing his fiddle by a lamp

Oskaloosa Sicke, Kansas, December 2, 1876

Redditch, England …

A funeral on bicycles took place, a few days ago, at Redditch, England. C. James, Captain of the Redditch Town Cycling Club died, and just before his death requested that his body should be conveyed to the cemetery on bicycles. The coffin was laid upon a platform draped in black and erected on four bicycles, four men in the uniform of the club acting as bearers. Preceding the coffin was a contingent of the members of the club, all riding their wheels.

Fisherman and Farmer, Denton, North Carolina, December 2, 1892

The End…


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