More Signs You’re A Cycling Fanatic: From Lots of Fanatical Readers/Riders

I’m not alone! There are plenty of cycling fanatics out there, and my recent post on the warning signs struck a chord of recognition with so many of you. Scores of reader/riders commented, confessed, felt a little better … and then probably went for a long ride. So, here’s my follow-up post with several of your comments … thanks for sharing.

Julie Kenney: “I have chosen two of my jobs based on proximity to greenways so I can bike before work, during lunch break & grab a quick ride before driving home. BTW – a new bike was required so I could keep a bike at work & one at home.”

Thanks Julie. And, I too have sort of chosen a job based on biking. Back in 2006, I was offered a job teaching journalism at Ohio State. My first and most immediate thought: Summers off! For cycling in France! And so, we moved from the Philadelphia area to Columbus. Alas, I only had one glorious summer off for riding, and then took a job as a reporter with the Columbus Dispatch and had to squeeze bike trips into my limited vacation time. 

Darrell Potter: “A lot of times, [after] I wake up to take my 0200 leak, when I lay back down, I think of which bike I’m gonna ride [and] where in the morning as I fall back to sleep.”

Thanks Darrell. I map out bike routes in my mind after my late-night bathroom trip. It beats counting sheep.

Mike Gallucci: “The locations of potholes, heaves, roots and other road surface hazards on your routes are easier to remember than what you had for dinner last night!”

Hey Mike, What’s a heave? It sounds dangerous.

Dave Kiser: “You also become an expert on roadkill: time of death, direction of travel, approximate speed/size of offending vehicle, etc.”

This reminds me of my squirrel story.

Michael Zsutty: “Going slowly up to a red traffic light while driving my car so I won’t have to clip out of my pedals.”

Bill Anderson: “Pumping up your Semi Tractor Trailer Tires with a hand-held portable bike pump … successfully.”

Bill, that’s quite impressive.

Caroline Worrall: “You add more and more things to your saddlebag as you encounter unexpected problems on the road, and you now basically have an entire bike shop packed into a 0.4L bag.”

Tom Anderson: “Watch car commercials on TV just to admire nice roads.”

Jeff Pierron: “Here’s one to add to the list [just] for 2020: You ride obsessively like you’re training for an event, even though 99% have been canceled. But you want to be ready just in case.”

Thanks to all you out there who have biking on the brain …

If anyone’s obsessed with biking in Provence, here’s the link to my eBook on Biking Provence. Here’s the link to Biking the Dordogne. What, the heck, here’s the link to my Biking Bordeaux book. I’m obsessed with writing them.

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