53 Miles, 5 Videos & 2 Photos From A Great Dordogne Bike Ride

Finally … some sun!

We had a glorious ride from Beaulieu to Sarlat. This is actually a ride I did about a week ago, so I won’t re-describe it. Instead, here are five videos that give you an idea of what the Dordogne is like and why, perhaps, you should visit. Maybe even on a bike.

The video above is a few Ks past Beaulieu. It was a nice, long flat stretch along farms and fields. It was still overcast and foggy, but nice.

We crossed over the Dordogne and rode through the town of Carennac…

Later … along some cliffs that run along the Dordogne…

Then it was time for some serious and amazing climbs up to the tops of the cliffs…

Then  we passed Souillac and Le Roc and rode along the D50, and closed in on Sarlat.

Here’s the link for my five Biking France eBooks: the Dordogne, Provence, the Loire, Normandy and Bordeaux.

Then, the last 10 Ks along a path into Sarlat, a cool medieval town with more restaurants and tourist shops than residents, I think. Here are two photos from Sarlat. We’re staying here two nights, so tomorrow a day trip. Not quite sure where, but I think it should be a great ride.

One of the best things about today’s ride: We arrive in Sarlat dry! What a difference not being damp and sopping wet makes.

This is foie gras headquarters, so the geese are vital to the economy … and therefore get a statue in their honor in the middle of town

2 thoughts on “53 Miles, 5 Videos & 2 Photos From A Great Dordogne Bike Ride

  1. I know the area a bit, we stay in Tourtoirac regularly. I have cycled to many places, in the Dordogne, starting in Tourtoirac, our caravan is on a campsite there. Voila, beautiful piece of France/ Noir.

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