A Video Tour of the Dordogne….

I’m finishing up my eBook on the Dordogne, Lot & Cele river valleys, and have been browsing through my videos. It’s fun, and I thought I’d share a few. Here’s a selection from the Dordogne. Darn, I miss the Dordogne. It’s a really great place to bike tour.

1-The view from Beynac, my first stop on the Dordogne loop. You have to walk up and up through the cobbled stone of the medieval village, pay to get into the castle, climb up even further and here’s the view from the ramparts … be careful if you’re scared of heights!


2-Like climbing? There are a lot of climbs in the Dordogne. Here’s one of my favorites, up and up to the town of Creysse…


3-Here’s the view down from Domme, which is yet another medieval village …

4- Here’s something a little different: Justin riding across the bridge over the Dordogne near Carennac …

5- Here’s a really nice stretch between Beaulieu and Argentat, all along the Dordogne. The French countryside is pretty darn nice…

6 – Yet another view from up above! From Rocamadour, which is … yep … another medieval village high atop a cliff. Which view do you like best: From Beynac, Domme or Rocamadour?

7- Here’s a fairly long video and a fairly typical stretch of riding in the Dordogne. Notice the ominous rain clouds, which did indeed start raining down on us soon …

8- OK, last one for now. Riding along the Dordogne and through the cliff-side and touristy town of La Roque-Gageac…

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