Oeuf! The Great Egg Disaster

In France, it’s vital to know the difference between an oeuf and an oeuf dur.

Let me explain….

I’m at breakfast at my semi-fancy hotel (Maison Claude Darroze) here in Langon. How fancy? The cleaning person came in and made up my room while I was at breakfast. How did she even know I was downstairs at breakfast … and making a fool of myself?

Breakfast? 13 Euros extra. How’s that for fancy? But what are you gonna do, you need a good breakfast – and lots of coffee – and it’s a pain to go to a cafe and then to the store to get a yogurt and a banana and then to the patisserie and … well, it’s only 13 Euros. Suck it up, Steve.

Breakfast was indeed pretty fancy. All the assorted breads, croissants and jams and yogurt … and you get a fancy plate with lox, some sort of meat, cut-up orange pieces (evidently that’s considered fancy over here) and some creamy stuff that I had no idea what to do with.

Here’s my breakfast…


Notice the hard-boiled egg in the photo?

Well, there were a dozen on more on this fancy serving thing. A hard-boiled egg? What a treat. I was gonna combine some lox and an egg on a piece of baguette. And then get another hard-boiled egg. Maybe three. Like I said: What a treat.

Seconds after I took the above photo … I gave the egg a crack … and it exploded all over the table. It wasn’t an oeuf dur … it was an oeuf not dur. It was raw.

What a mess. Yolk everywhere. It was starting to drip down the side of the table.

I started mopping it up with my napkin, and then the server (who spoke some English) walked in … and helped. I tried to explain that I thought it was a hard-boiled egg and I was so sorry and this has never happened to me before and I’m really someone who should be staying at a youth hostel or an ibis and …

He was very polite and didn’t even laugh at me … and then explained that the machine next to the eggs was for cooking the eggs. He turned it on, and a few minutes later the water in the tub started bubbling and boiling. Here’s the machine…


Yeah right … that’s wise. Let the guests at your fancy hotel mess around and dip their eggs into boiling water. No thanks, I’ll stick with the lox and bread and have a third glass of orange juice and another yogurt and some more coffee.



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