Nothing Butt the Truth

butt1Don’t you hate when this happens…

My butt balm and sunscreen tubes are on the counter in the bathroom, next to each other, and, every once in a while … I absentmindedly begin to apply them before a ride … and suddenly realize I just put sunblock on my butt (or butt balm on my face and arms).


Does butt balm prevent sunburn?

Will sunscreen prevent chafing?

Do I have to take a shower right now?

Anyway, 10 days till I depart for my French bike trip, and I’m trying to minimize the amount of stuff I’m bringing with me. An entire tube of butt balm and sunblock is way too extravagant, and heavy.

butt3So, went to Target, to the travel section, where they sell miniature versions of most toiletries, and bought two small, empty plastic bottles.

Squeezed some sunscreen into one … and butt balm into the other. And labelled them with appropriate identifying diagrams to avoid confusion.

Oh crap, what if I labelled them wrong? What if the sunblock is in the tube with the butt drawing on it, and the butt balm is in the tube with the drawing of the sun on it?

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